March Newsletter from MUMC!

March 2021

From Pastor John...

As I get older, I get more and more ready for Spring each year. That may come as a surprise to some of you. My love of Winter is fairly well known, but it isn't as much as it used to be. This Spring in particular, I am really ready for.

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Pastor John

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Monthly Calendar


7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1


4pm Centering Prayer Live on our Facebook Page

7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1

Online Worship on our website (click on the link for Sunday's date)
9am Facebook Worship
10:10am Worship in the Sanctuary

Other Church Events
3/1 3pm-5pm: The Food Pantry is open in the Fellowship hall
3/10 1:30pm: Orpha Circle meeting in the Fellowship Hall
3/10 5pm: Green Space Committee meeting
3/15 3pm-5pm: The Food Pantry is open in the Fellowship hall
3/28 Palm Sunday
4/1 Maundy Thursday
4/2 Good Friday
4/4 Easter Sunday!

Community Calendars
Marceline School Calendar
My Country 99.1 Community Calendar

Office Hours
Beth: Wed-Fri, 8am-2pm

Pastor John: Monday all day, others by appointment (or stop in)

We're starting Holy Week off with Palm Sunday (3/28)! We'll have our regular worship times for that service.

  • Easter Egg dying during Sunday School (10:30am) on Palm Sunday (3/28)

  • Maundy Thursday (4/1) at 6pm

  • Good Friday (4/2) here at the church, time TBA

  • Easter Sunday (4/4) worship at regular times

On Maundy Thursday we'll gather for an outdoor meal (weather permitting). We'll be sending out a sign-up sheet in the next couple of weeks for food to bring, and to let us know that you'll be in attendance.

For Easter worship, and as long as the weather holds after, we'll be outside on Sunday mornings.

There will be morning Holy Week Services at different churches. Once the schedule is finalized we'll get it out to you.

Outdoor Ministry

The next time you look at the parking lot behind the church, imagine what it would look like to use that space in a different way.
We've started putting together a plan that will help us take the ministry we do inside the church and expand it outside as well.
In the next few weeks we'll start sharing those ideas. These include an outdoor worship/multi-use space, playground equipment, fire pit, volleyball/sports area, community garden, and others.

Orpha Circle will be meeting in person on Wed March 10th 2021 at 1:30 at the church.
Georgia Smith has the Devotion, Inez Johnson has the program, and Beverly Cupp is Hostess.
All ladies of the church are invited to join us.

This year for Lent we're collecting donations for the Pregnancy Resource Center. You can donate diapers, formula, and money.
For diapers they need larger sizes most, but can use all sizes.
For formula they need gentle or gentlease, and case use all types
Monetary donations are always a plus!
You can bring all donations to the church, and we'll have an option to make your donation online with your regular giving.


1 – Donna Moore
3 – Tonya Burk Smith
4 – Gilbert Coe
4 – Parker Bennett
4 – Ben Mosier
5 – Kamree Stallo
7 – Cooper Fisher
7 – Colton Fisher
11 – Sherry Vaughn
13 – Isabel Lauhoff
14 – Jean Belt
14 – Billie Coe

15 – Fay Lindbloom
20 – Tim Fisher
22 – Pat Brackey
22 – Brian Mosier
25 – Rosemary Wellman
25 – Steve Tarpening
29 – Joe Sportsman
30 – Scott Brooks


3 – Tim & Lena Fisher
25 – Joe & Beverly Cupp

Prayer List

Ongoing Concerns
Covid-19 Pandemic, Front Line Care Workers, Youth, Young Adults, Newcomers
Tom Hoover Family, Tim Frandson Family, Leland Linneman Family, Keith Stenfor Family, Gary Carlson, Madison Logue, Janet Barter, Kyle Lake, Bryant Dunn, Linda Ewigman, Kenny Mauzey, Gene Taylor, Kara Robinson, John Christy, Bob Hundley, Colt Parris, Johnny Helton, Gary Taylor, Kenny Bailey, Angie Builder, Bob & Pat Magee, Kyle Lake, Pearl Miller, Zoe Tolliver, Amber Carmichael, Nathan Cook, Sarah Cavanah (married to Brad), Joan Sportsman, Shane Cavanah, Dan Brooks, Wayne Heins, Ruth Farris, Linda Korte, Mary Sayler, Lynn Fellmann, Mark Ewigman, C.A. Lain, Steve Yates, Thomas Wellman
Economy, Families, Nation Leaders

Mabel Worley

Bristol Manor
Annie George

Lenior Woods
Ed McLachlan

Military Service
Patric Munson, Nick Cain, LTC John Casey Welch, Tyler Nanneman, Jeffrey Tucker, Kelly Tucker, Brandon Wellman, Heath Floray, Steve Graves, Michael Pyrtle, William Leukenotte, Kerry Lowrey