The May Newsletter from Marceline UMC

May 2021

From Pastor John...

I can't tell you how excited I am for where we are and what we're looking for in the future. This Summer we're going to be seeing many changes outside of the church in preparation for more that we'll be making on the inside. We're working on a garden, we've got a playset coming, and more plans still for our "backyard." And that is just the beginning.

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Pastor John

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Monthly Calendar


7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1


4pm Centering Prayer Live on our Facebook Page
5:00pm Prayer Group in the downstairs Sunday School classroom NEW TIME!

7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1

Sundays Online Worship on our website (click on the link for Sunday's date)
9am Facebook Worship
10:10am Worship in the Sanctuary

Other Church Events
5/3: 3pm-5pm Food Pantry in the Fellowship Hall
5/6: Noon - National Day of Prayer Ripley Park
5/7: May Friendship Day
5/9: Mother’s Day
5/9: 6pm Baccalaureate at 1st Baptist
5/12: 1:30pm Orpha Circle
5/16: Graduation Sunday
5/17: 3pm-5pm Food Pantry in the Fellowship Hall
5/23: Pentecost Sunday
5/31: Memorial Day

Community Calendars
Marceline School Calendar
My Country 99.1 Community Calendar

Office Hours
Beth: Wed-Fri, 8am-2pm

Pastor John: Monday all day,others by appointment (or stop in)

Card Shower

Recently Marilyn Mears moved out to Pioneer. We'd like to help her transition to there and let her know that we're thinking about her. If you want, you can send a card using address below. Let her know that we're thinking of her and all the folks out at Pioneer.

Marilyn Mears
c/o Pioneer
1500 S. Kansas Ave.
Marceline, MO 64658

Orpha Circle will meet on May 12th at the church at 1:30pm. Cheryl has the devotion, Georgia has the program and Cheryl is the hostess. We are collecting for Festival of Sharing Kits, please bring:

1pkg of dental floss or floss picks.

The congregation is invited to join us in this project. We collect one item a month for a kit. We usually send 20 kits to them in September. It would be wonderful if we could send more. Other items needed are:

4 child size toothbrushes
1 tube of fluoride toothpaste
2 adult soft toothbrushes.

Put your donations in the pie room marked for Orpha. Thank you.

Sharing Table

We will begin the Sharing Table in the santuary entryway the first Sunday in June through the last Sunday in September. You are invited to donate plants, fresh produce and baked goods any Sunday. The items donated will be sold for a donation which is given to eight Missouri based service agencies.

Camp Jo-Ota

Family Camp at Jo-Ota For Adult(s) + any age(s) child or youth

Family Camp offers a chance to disconnect from the outside world and re-connect with family and friends while experiencing Christ’s amazing love! Enjoy games, crafts, worship, campfires, and lots of great family time while reconnecting with each other and God.
Cost $100 for each adult, plus $75 for youth (age 12-18), $50 for child (age 6-11). Child age 0-5 is free.

Friday, May 28 at 6 p.m. to Sunday, May 30 at 10 a.m.

Led by Rev. Meghan Reigerix (Bucklin/Mt. Zion UMC)
Register at Registration deadline is May 13.


1 - Brooke Teeter
1 - Brenda Moore
3 - Patrick Blomquist
4 - Linda Bond
5 - Susan Mosier
5 - Gary Carlson
6 - Becky Lowrey
6 - Rebecca Pope
7 - John Huffman
8 - Katie Lauhoff
12 - Daniel Newman
14 - Carter Vandeloecht

15 - Thomas Wellman
16 - Max Lauhoff
17 - Katie Fotenos
17 - Joe Cupp
19 - Cassie Mora
23 - Bethany Marcum
26 - Kellie Tarpening
27 - Amelia Robinson
29 - Scott Brycen Stallo


7 - Steve & Julie Tarpening
12 - Dale & Susan Mosier
26 - Chris & Krista Lofstrom

Prayer List

Breakthrough Prayer: Come Holy Spirit, come show us how we can be the spiritual heart of this community
Goals: Grow in faith, Understand our role in the community, Listening for God's voice daily

Groups: Church: Denomination, Conference, Area UMC's, Area Churches
Schools: Students, Teachers, Administrators, Employees
Young Adults, Newcomers, Unchurched
Government: Leaders, Local, County, State, National

Situations: Covid-19 Pandemic, Racism, Economic Disparity

Individuals: Pammie Birch, Ron Chrisman, Gene Liebhart, Linda Sterbenz, Leona Schaefer, Pam Epperson, Gary Carlson, Janet Barter, Kyle Lake, Bryant Dunn, Linda Ewigman, Gene Taylor, Kara Robinson, John Christy, Colt Parris, Johnny Helton, Gary Taylor, Kenny Bailey, Angie Builder, Bob & Pat Magee, Pearl Miller, Zoe Tolliver, Amber Carmichael, Nathan Cook, Sarah Cavanah (married to Brad), Joan Sportsman, Shane Cavanah, Dan Brooks, Wayne Heins, Ruth Farris, Linda Korte, Mary Sayler, Lynn Fellmann, Mark Ewigman, C.A. Lain, Thomas Wellman

Pioneer: Mabel Worley, Marilyn Mears
Bristol Manor: Annie George
Lenoir Woods: Ed McLachlan

Military Service
Patric Munson, Nick Cain, LTC John Casey Welch, Tyler Nanneman, Jeffrey Tucker, Kelly Tucker, Brandon Wellman, Heath Floray, Steve Graves, Michael Pyrtle, William Leukenotte, Kerry Lowrey