We're building a boat this week!

Your weekly update from Marceline UMC

Hello Church,

We are making progress! This week we’ll be putting the playset together in the backyard. If you’ve got some time and can lend some expertise or just some muscle to hold things up, we’d appreciate it. Watch Facebook for times.

We’ve also got some plants started in the garden. I’m looking forward to what we will be able to get out of it this Summer. I’m also looking forward to what we’re going to be able to do with it in the future.

This week we’ve got some fun things going on. Orpha will be out at Pioneer to sing for the first time in almost two years, and the youth will be heading down to Lake Nehai next Sunday after church.

Check later in the email for info about Celebrate Recovery, and an updated list of devotions and prayer resources.

Our parting shot for this week is a promise of what is still to come, and the work that it takes to get there. Take a look at the end of the email to see it!

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Have a great week!

Pastor John

Going On This Week



  • 4pm Facebook Live Centering Prayer

  • 5:00pm Prayer Group in the downstairs Elementary Classroom


  • 2pm Orpha Circle at Pioneer


  • 9am Facebook Worship

  • 10:10am In Person Worship in the Sanctuary

  • 11:30am Youth meet to go to Lake Nehai

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You can sign-up to serve a meal at Celebrate Recovery from July to December of this year. Just click on the link. Check the box or boxes for what you want to do. Then click "Submit and Sign Up" at the bottom of the screen to enter your name, email (optional), and any comments like what you want to bring.

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You can still sign-up in the back of the sanctuary too, and we'll keep the list updated every week.

Sharing Table

The Sharing Table is in the sanctuary by the entryway and will continue through the last Sunday in September. You are invited to donate plants, fresh produce and baked goods any Sunday. The items donated will be sold for a donation which is given to eight Missouri based service agencies.


Below are questions I’d like you to consider for our listening sessions. More info will be coming out about them soon:

  1. What do you see as the purpose of the church?

  2. In your opinion, what are the most important ministries of the church?

  3. How would you describe our church to someone new to our area?

  4. What do you think are the greatest needs of our community?

  5. When you talk to someone who is struggling/hurting what scripture/songs/words of comfort would you share with them?

  6. What has changed for you during Covid? What has remained the same?

  7. How has our community changed? How has it remained the same?

  8. How do you live differently now than you did before March 2020?

  9. What is your greatest fear about any changes that might or might not come from Covid?

  10. What gives you hope?

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Parting Shot

Its amazing how unlevel that space behind our parking lot is. It looks good until you get ready to do something on it, then you realize how much work it still needs. But, thanks to a few folks that were out getting it ready, we have a place ready. By this time next week we should see something new and fun ready for lots of kids to enjoy. Also, on September 12th, we’ll be worshipping outside there by the boat as we see what we’ve done and look to the future.