Who Wants to Go on a Haunted Boat?

October's Newsletter from Marceline UMC

From Pastor John

This month’s article is going to a little shorter, and a little more scattered than normal. So, first things first.

Don’t forget that we have a couple more listening sessions coming up this month. They have been good for me to hear from you, and I think they have also been good for the folks attending to talk through a lot of things. Its not just about what we’ve gone through with Covid, but also what we’re thinking and feeling now and what we want to see in the future. You can sign up in the back of the sanctuary, or click the link below. (take a look at the questions that will show up later in the newsletter)

Listening Sessions

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, and we have some new things to help have fun on Halloween. If you would like to help put some ideas together for a haunted boat on Sunday October 31st, please stay after church next Sunday (Oct. 10) so we can start putting some plans together. Some ideas that have already been mentioned are putting lights up in the boat, having folks with candy at the slides and other activities on it, and having a place where parents can sit and relax while their kids play for a while. Come with more ideas and lets see what we can do! You can also bring candy that we can hand to all the kids that come by.

Take a look later in the newsletter for some things that I need to borrow for a sermon series in November…..just by looking at the list you should see that I’ll be cooking up something interesting.

Also, we’ll be celebrating All Saints Sunday on November 7th. At that service we’ll remember the folks that have passed away in the last year. If you have someone that you would like to remember at that service, email Pastor John, or click on the following link to give us their names.

To Remember

I hope you have a great month, and I’m looking forward to what is coming up!

Pastor John

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Special Announcements

Orpha is sponsoring its annual Rummage Sale this month! You can start bringing items to be donated on Oct. 9th. The sale will run from Oct 13-15 7am-5pm and Oct 16 7am -Noon with a special $1 a bag sale on Saturday only.

Don’t forget Donna Moore’s Sunday School class has started on Sunday mornings at 9am in the Fellowship Hall. They are going through the book of James and you don’t want to miss it!

Our annual Charge Conference is coming up on October 17th at 2pm over at Trinity UMC in Brookfield. All church members are invited to come, and this will be a chance when you can meet our new District Superintendent, Rev. Mi Hyeon Lee.

Monthly Calendar

7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1

4pm Centering Prayer Live on our Facebook Page
5pm Prayer Group in the Elementary Sunday School Classroom

7am-7:30am Scripture Reading on KDWD 99.1

9am Facebook Worship
9am Adult Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall
10:10am Worship in the Sanctuary

Other Church Events
10/3 After Worship: Listening Session in the Fellowship Hall
10/4 3pm-5pm: The Food Pantry is open in the Fellowship hall
10/5 6pm: Listening Session after Prayer Group in the Elementary Sunday School Room
10/6 5pm: Lay Leadership Team in the Elementary Sunday School Room
10/7 5:30pm: PPR in the Parlor
10/9 Rummage Sale Items Accepted
10/10 After Worship: Halloween Planning in the Parlor
10/11-10/12: Rummage Sale setup
10/12 7am: Community Prayer Mtg (location TBA)
10/13-10/16: Rummage Sale!
10/17 After Worship: Listening Session
10/17 2pm: Charge Conference
10/18 3pm-5pm: The Food Pantry is open in the Fellowship hall
10/31 Halloween!

Community Calendars
Marceline School Calendar
My Country 99.1 Community Calendar

Office Hours
Beth: Wed-Fri, 8am-2pm
Pastor John: Monday all day,others by appointment (or stop in)

Questions for Listening sessions

  1. What do you see as the purpose of the church?

  2. In your opinion, what are the most important ministries of the church?

  3. How would you describe our church to someone new to our area?

  4. What do you think are the greatest needs of our community?

  5. When you talk to someone who is struggling/hurting what scripture/songs/words of comfort would you share with them?

  6. What has changed for you during Covid? What has remained the same?

  7. How has our community changed? How has it remained the same?

  8. How do you live differently now than you did before March 2020?

  9. What is your greatest fear about any changes that might or might not come from Covid?

  10. What gives you hope?

Needed for November!

Do you have a

Bread Machine
Toaster Oven (on the big side)
Hot Plate

Can I borrow it for a sermon series in November? Let me know by email, or in person if you do!

Pastor John

Thank You!

Special thanks to everyone that has brought in used prescription bottles! Orpha has collected many of them, and sent several boxes of them in. They are finished collecting for the time being, but hold on to your bottle because they will be collecting again at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who helped support the Sharing Table this Summer. It will be back next June for more produce and all sorts of things.

You can sign-up to serve a meal at Celebrate Recovery from July to December of this year. Just click on the link. Check the box or boxes for what you want to do. Then click "Submit and Sign Up" at the bottom of the screen to enter your name, email (optional), and any comments like what you want to bring.

CR Sign-UP

You can still sign-up in the back of the sanctuary too, and we'll keep the list updated every week.

Breakthrough Prayer: Come Holy Spirit, come show us how we can be the spiritual heart of this community, Amen
Goals: Grow in faith, Understand our role in the community, Listening for God's voice daily

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Government: Leaders, Local, County, State, National
Young Adults, Newcomers, Unchurched

Situations: Hurricane Relief, Wildfires, Covid-19 Pandemic, Racism, Economic Disparity

Individuals: Goldie Cupp, Rosie Johnson Family, Kathryn Jobson Family, Ernie Dillard, Carol’s friend Rhonda, Shirley Holt, Joni’s niece, Tony Tucker (Eleanor Logue’s son), Dillon Ewigman, Harold Meyers, Adam Litchtenberg, Blake Linebaugh, Bill Westfall, Pat Watkins, Kris Wyatt & Kristen, Pat Biswell, Bob Marriott, Ed McLachlan, Kevin Stanfield, Ron Chrisman, Gene Liebhart, Gary Carlson, Kyle Lake, Linda Ewigman, Kara Robinson, Angie Builder, Bob & Pat Magee, Zoe Tolliver, Joan Sportsman, Shane Cavanah, Dan Brooks, Wayne Heins, Ruth Farris, Lynn Fellmann, C.A. Lain, Thomas Wellman

Pioneer: Mabel Worley, Marilyn Mears
Life Care: Annie George
Lenoir Woods: Ed McLachlan

Military Service
Patric Munson, Nick Cain, LTC John Casey Welch, Tyler Nanneman, Jeffrey Tucker, Kelly Tucker, Brandon Wellman, Heath Floray, Steve Graves, Michael Pyrtle, William Leukenotte, Kerry Lowrey

Parting Shots

Below are pictures from our dedication Sunday, one from Scott and Laura’s wedding, and some from our youth outing to play frisbee golf. It should be noted that the hole Richard and Mary Beth sponsor was pretty tricky for us.